Members: a) The membership of the chapter shall be open only to the member of IAP. Associate members can be from other specialities or related fields.

b) The membership of the chapter shall be of four categories namely : [a] Life, [b] Associate Life, [c] Affiliate Indian, [d] Affiliate Foreign.

c) Only those who are Life/Associate Life members of the IAP are eligible for Life/ Associate Life membership in respective category of the chapter. Non-IAP members could be taken as affiliate members of the chapter.

d) If any of the residential Indian citizen member moves out of India, all the correspondence, including Journals and ballot papers to eligible voters, shall be sent only to the latest local Indian address as on records with IAP/chapter unless they pay extra charges as applicable for the postage at any other address.

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Life Membership Form :
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Membership Fee Payment Details:
Membership Payment Details
List of Members :
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Life membership fee Rs. 1000/- can be paid by online transfer in the bank account of IYCF Chapter of IAP Amravati, bank details given above.
Please email the payments receipt and Filled form to Dr Satish Tiwari's Mail id